Friday, February 11, 2005

The Wisdom of Chris

Chris: the lesson I've learned in life is this... this is the only one:
Chris: there are two kinds of women, and it's so simple, and it's not a joke
Chris: difficult
Chris: and not difficult
Chris: period
Chris: you can find ones you'll like in either category
Chris: you can find smart ones in either category
Chris: you can find ones in the difficult category that will seem "worth it", and maybe they are
Chris: but you'll find those same girls in the not difficult category, and eventually you ask yourself, why am I getting tied up in all this when 80% of my effort is trying to get to a point where I can enjoy myself with this? what would it be like if 100% of my effort was just enjoying myself?
Chris: difficult girls serve two potential purposes
Chris: one is destroying men, because men ask for it and let it happen
Chris: two is the preferred option, and that's teach men how to appreciate the not-difficult girls
Chris: it's really a choice, it's either worth spending your life trying to fix someone, or it's not, and it's better to instead devote the short-term energy to finding the one you won't have to fix in the first place

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Anonymous said...

I have to imagine it holds true for both genders.