Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tree puns

Katie (9:39:19 PM): he's still pining for a dog
me (9:39:27 PM): I'm still pining for... umm...
me (9:39:32 PM): yeah, that's a good question
Katie (9:39:46 PM): pine trees are nice
me (9:39:55 PM): you sap!
me (9:40:17 PM): I think I may get pitched from the conversation for this
me (9:40:22 PM): Or tarred and feathered
me (9:40:28 PM): My jokes seem syrupy sweet
Katie (9:40:48 PM): maybe you needle little help with your puns
Katie (9:40:56 PM): or perhaps you're just barking up the wrong tree
me (9:40:57 PM): I think you're barking up the wrong tree
me (9:41:08 PM): Though same time thoughts
Katie (9:41:10 PM): victory!
me (9:41:23 PM): Your jokes are deciduously better than mine
Katie (9:41:40 PM): what you need to do is get to the root of the problem
Katie (9:41:45 PM): maybe branch out a little
me (9:41:51 PM): Leaf me alone
me (9:42:00 PM): You're running rings around me
Katie (9:42:19 PM): nah, you're definitely limbering up now
me (9:42:39 PM): I think I'm getting board of these jokes
me (9:42:49 PM): yours seem old, like dead wood
Katie (9:42:52 PM): why do you always try to go against the grain?
me (9:43:05 PM): I get my jokes from splinter cells
Katie (9:43:12 PM): that's knot funny.
me (9:43:19 PM): wood you give me a break?
me (9:43:26 PM): I think these jokes are going to make me twig out
me (9:43:29 PM): maybe snap a little
Katie (9:43:56 PM): oakay
me (9:44:01 PM): you nut.


Tobe said...
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James said...

LOL fucking brilliant I borrowed the sap one to comment on a photo

Wish I could be as witty that fast about any puns really

Any tips ?

Trees are Punny said...

Wow, these are pretty funny. I fir one enjoyed them greatly!