Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Another reason to dislike GW

Warship reductions likely to hurt BIW.

BIW = Bath Iron Works. My dad's employer. Bath is my hometown.

They're likely going to have only one shipbuilder for the DDX program. The DDX program lead contract went to Ingalls in Mississippi a few years ago due to Congress choosing a shipbuilder with a lesser design, a lesser program, against the Navy's recommendations, due to political pressure. So due to political pressure, and the reduction of the budget for warships, my home town may die.

If BIW closes, Bath is dead. Most of my classmates had at least one parent working at BIW.

I want to launch into some kind of rant against Bush and his tax cuts and the current weakness of the economy, and some kind of "well Clinton pulled off the balanced budget while having a growing economy and building destroyers" but ... I see my hometown dying.


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Mover Mike said...

Trent Lott is from Mississippi. This IMO, is why it's going to Mississippi.
Mover Mike