Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I started with a trainer about three weeks ago, and he's laid out what I can and can't eat. Basically everything I eat must have a purpose, nothing can be empty calories. (Helen's going to the same trainer, so Helen has the same diet)

My trainer doesn't suggest how much I eat, but I can consume no pork or other red meats, no cheese, no sweets, no mayonnaise or mayo-based products, no cream, and no white bread. I can have limited white rice, but brown rice is much preferred. Whole grains and whole wheat are really preferred to white flour.

I can consume as much fruit and vegetables as I want. I've replaced sweets/after dinner desserts with nuts (I found a canister of macadamia nuts at Costco. Pretty awesome.). 

We've been eating a lot of chicken fajitas on wheat tortillas, grilled chicken, and lots of salad. I'm excited that we're going to be eating more fish!

Last week was pretty bad - Helen and I both somewhat detoxed from sugar while ramping up on the exercise. My digestive system had quite a shock ramping up to eating tons of whole grains, vegetables, and other things that actually exercise the digestive system.

Working at Google has been a major help in this endeavor. Every cafe has healthy options. There's always salad options, there's always healthy meats. 

Living in Northern California is also great for this - grocery stores have great ingredients, and bay area restaurants always have healthy options.

However, going out to eat in Truckee was very difficult last weekend. My favorite ski area killed off their salad bar. The Mexican restaurant we went to had no meals without either cheese or pork or flour tortillas. 

Anyway, the training is going well, and the food is going pretty well too. I'm guessing we're going to have to tweak the food better eventually, but I feel that it'll be OK. It appears that travel is going to be a bit of an exercise in the lesser of two evils when choosing food.