Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Laptop... finally

Through a lengthy series of bank visits (4, one to deposit bonds, one to get the card the teller failed to return, one to get a cashiers' check, and one to cash said cashier's check for cash because Apple doesn't take them), delays with the computer store (they said I wouldn't have the laptop until after I left for Qatar), and other fun ... I now have my laptop courtesy of the Apple Store in Shadyside.

The Apple Store in Shadyside had the laptop for $100 less than the CMU computer store, and also $100 less than the Apple Store Online.


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Anonymous said...

You can probably do/buy like at least 57 interesting things with $100 in Qatar. Or maybe invest in some skills. Girls only want guys with cool skills. Like numchuck skills. Haha, that's a funny word.