Saturday, February 12, 2005

Last night

I had a good time last night... Steph wanted to get off campus, and Margot came with us. We went to the Waterfront with no purpose in mind, but we ended up at the pet shop, checking out the reptiles, funny looking acquatic animals, Nemo, and then rodents.

We also went to Old Navy, Target, and Steak & Shake. It was a lot of fun, just to be random...

Later we went to a housefellow's house, to take care of her dog because she's out of town. It was fun, the dog's a giant furball. It brought its food from the kitchen to the living room, where Steph, Margot, and I were sitting on the floor/couches just talking. The dog couldn't stand not being in on the conversation.

Helen and I went to National Treasure in McConomy later; cheesy movie. It deserved all its awful reviews, but it was still fun. The pundits in the 10 o'clock movie add so much to the enjoyment.

Today: Constructive Logic, research programming, installing MySQL on this computer, and... probably something with Helen this evening. Saw?

(And yes, I posted 2 posts within 15 minutes. But I wanted to keep subjects to their own posts)


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad we didn't see Saw. I'd be sleeping even less than I already am this week.