Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I'm having an interesting time adjusting to the trackpad on the PowerBook. It does some cool things; if you put two fingers on the trackpad you can scroll up and down. If you drag them left or right FireFox goes forward and back. It's a little twitchy (ie: you move back more quickly than expected) but it's a good reason to use a trackpad instead of a mouse. I really appreciate how Apple puts so much thought into everything. Well done.

Sasha's song Baja off of the Expander EP is really fun - slow, but it has several minutes of the badass music that one might play while the main character of an action movie is walking towards the camera in slow motion. That song is in the "Long dark car ride of the soul" playlist.



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Dámelo? Digo, la canción, por favor.