Monday, February 07, 2005

The weekend

The weekend was really strange. But I am really content right now.
  • The fact the Patriots won the superbowl but kept it interesting.
  • Pink Panther, Mayur, and dinner with Helen
  • Tika singing at Mayur
  • My research coding went really well, and I have some snags, but it has come along
  • Passed my second round IBM Extreme Blue interview
  • Dinner with Jay and Stephanie (Google college programs people on Friday at Union Grill

  • Can't find slip on sneakers that fit
  • Couldn't figure out what to buy to wear in Qatar (need the people organizing it need to tell me what to get)
  • Don't have the right data for research
  • Lost 25$ on the Superbowl party (bought food, not betting)
Peace (next 3 day weekend I promise to be a lot more productive)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Strange, eh? Well, I'm glad I made the good list.

Hey, I don't know Latika but I thought she was great, so if you see her pass it on.

-Miss Gruner