Thursday, February 24, 2005

BIW may face all-or-nothing bid

From linked article:

A single-source move by the Navy is unlikely to favor BIW, said Loren B. Thompson, industry analyst for the Lexington Institute, a public-policy research group based in Arlington, Va.

"The most likely outcome of the Navy's scheme is that Bath will lose its role in building the DD(X) destroyer," said Thompson. "The Navy, for some time, has been trying to find a politically acceptable way of sending the production of warships to the (Gulf of Mexico) shipyards, and I think that's really what this competition is all about.

"If this all unfolds the way I fear it will, there's going to be hundreds of heartbreaking stories around Bath," he said.

And mine will be one of the hearts breaking


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Anonymous said...

Es tut mir Leid.

Which is a much more appropriate thing to say than 'I'm sorry'. English just doesn't have ways to express things sometimes.