Thursday, February 17, 2005

G interview

I'd rank my G interview at 7/10. Not exactly thinking I rocked it.

Notes for you all:
Take a db course. Excellent for interview thinking.
OS also helps a lot.

I'm also an IBM Extreme Blue finalist.

Let's see how this goes... (the waiting game begins now)



Anonymous said...

"Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight."
-- Benjamin Franklin


bryan said...

congrats on extreme blue. yeah, OS is good for interviews, so is TopCoder, are you ever gonna get back into that?

Arpit said...

what do you mean when you say you are an "IBM Extreme Blue Finalist"? have you been offered the job? Just curisou about how it all works! i got a call from the IBM extreme blue people today. she sais she watns to "offer me a place on the so and so team and i should wait for a package". I was too shocked and delighted to say much.. but now i wonder if this really is it or are there still interviews to go through...

Matt said...

Not that I can email you back, as I odn't have any way of contacting you Arpit, but Finalist means that they think I'm caliber for the program but they don't know if they have room for me. I had to go through 2 interviews and give references for this.

You probably won't have to interview, if they're sending you a package.