Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Times you can't be thug

Two different peple blasting music while not achieving the image they wanted:

Target Parking lot, Mountain View: big African-American guy in a Pontiac Grand Am, blasting "It's Your Birthday" by 50 Cent. It sounded like he started that song just to drive in front of the Target. I'm not sure anyone can be thug at Target.

University Ave, Palo Alto: someone with an excellent stereo system in a Jetta blasting "Hit Me Baby One More Time." It's really hard to be thug in Palo Alto (I'm looking at you, angsty skateboarder kids in Lytton Park). And it's impossible to be thug while blasting Britney Spears.

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Caroline said...

Another University Ave. memory:

Lime green new VW beetle, with all it's windows down at 9PM on a Friday night, driven by a tough looking white guy blasting "My Heart Will Go On". Luckily, he wasn't singing along.