Thursday, February 09, 2006

I take back half of what I said bad about Krispy Kreme

Throughout college, I had a few Krispy Kreme donuts due to various fundraisers and boxes that friends had. I'd never really liked them, much preferring Dunkin Donuts, or Frosty's. Everyone said "oh, but they're so good fresh and warm." But I'd never had them that way.

This morning I was walking from the automotive shop to work - about a mile and a half. (My Thunderbird needs a new headlight switch) I really needed coffee - at one point I ran a red light because I thought it was a 2 way stop. So I stopped at a Krispy Kreme along the way.

I ordered their version of a Boston Cream donut and a large coffee and handed the cashier my money. Then all of the sudden, another employee hands me a fresh donut, apparently free with my order. I bit in and said to myself "oh, this is good."

So if I'm jonesing for a donut and coffee, and the "fresh donuts" sign is on, I might find myself by Krispy Kreme again sometime. I still, however, wish there were Dunkin Donuts on every corner on the west coast too.

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