Sunday, February 19, 2006

The next thing I want to see out of the internet

I want an application (preferably web based) where I enter in which bands I'm interested, and how far I am willing to travel to see them, and it alerts me when the band announces when they're coming, and when the tickets go on sale. All of this through RSS when anything updates would be even better.

Ticketmaster's UI is just abysmal. It also doesn't register which bands I like very well and give me that custom UI. It thinks that I'd be willing to go to Reno for a concert, too. As it is, I'm relegated to going to band sites and checking them out one by one. It's hard to do.

This would require either fans to aggregate and submit the information, or for bands to supply an RSS feed of their shows - drawing people away from their site. Ticketmaster wouldn't give the data up either.

Though I could crawl it myself.

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doug said...

I sent you a invite. This should solve your problem.