Saturday, February 25, 2006

At first, I thought all hybrid drivers were assholes

I have seen a lot of people driving in hybrid cars, alone, in the carpool lane during rush hour. I thought they were jerks.

Now I know that California allows some hybrid vehicles to use the carpool lane with impunity.

Now I just think the people driving alone in the carpool lane in SUVs, BMWs, and non hybrid cars are jerks.


Helen said...

Yup! My mom and grandma each have first-generation Priuses, and over Christmas break they both had those yellow stickers on their bumpers.

Sure saved me a lot of time on THE 101 southbound.

Sara said...

Virginia has the same law. But now so many people have hybrids that the HOV lanes are just as clogged as the regular lanes.

Traffic in the DC area just blows.

Joby said...

Motorcycles too...and I got one...