Thursday, January 20, 2005

This summer

If I'm in again California this summer, I want to...
...Visit Latika in Washington
...Go to Las Vegas and gamble and see some shows
...Go to Yosemite
...Bike the Golden Gate again and maybe do an overnight in Marin
...Possibly go white water rafting or go to Tahoe again
...Visit the Apple HQ in Cupertino
...Visit Paramount's Great Adventure

Suggestions? Doug? Dennis?



Caroline said...

Monterey Bay Aquarium:

It's a bit of a drive from Palo Alto and the tickets are a little expensive for an aquarium ($20 or so), but it's well worth it.

Great America is alright- only go if you're really into roller coasters, since that's basically all there is.

Matt said...


I went to the Monterey Bay Acquarium when I was in second grade, but I'd love to go back. Maybe I could find a ride (I won't have a car out there).

And yes, I love roller coasters :)

Caroline said...

Ooh... I remember another place you should go:

It's super cool, and the Palace of Fine Arts (which is right outside the Exploratorium) is very pretty.

If you're there for Gay Pride Day (June 25-26), you should go up to SF and see the parade- it's pretty crazy.