Thursday, January 06, 2005

Getting close to the end of break

My mini vacation to New York was good, it was great to see Krista and her family. On Saturday we went to Robert Moses Beach (pics), tried to fly a kite, and watched Kris and her mom make a sand starfish. On Sunday we went into New York City and went to Rockefeller Center, saw the displays at Macy's and Lord & Taylor's, and went to FAO Schwarz. And then we did a whirlwind tour of the American Museum of Natural History.

Kacy then came up and visited me Monday evening and Tuesday; Tuesday we skiied at Sunday River. She now hurts. But she's better than last season - she tries pretty damn hard too :)

Danielle and Sebastian (my sister and her fiancee) came up on Tuesday evening and we went to The Suds Pub. After, we went to see The Wailers (as in Bob Marley & The Wailers). Good show - got hit on by a 40 year old drunk lady. That was uber odd.



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