Sunday, January 09, 2005

The drive back

The drive from Maine to Pittsburgh wasn't bad. Once my copilot, Mike Brotzman, was onboard in Freeport, I drove until somewhere slightly north of Harrisburg. We hit snow in Connecticut (no accumulation, but there was snow between lanes), then rain for a long time.

The most tiring driving was in Northeastern PA though. They got an ice storm that reminds me of New England's (and Canada's) ice storm of '98. The trees were coated with ice, and many were leaning over. There were branches and trees in the breakdown lane at times too. Each blade of grass could be discerned, because they all had a layer of ice around them. It was beautiful, but sad (today, according to the article I linked to, there are still 53000 homes without power). All of those people without power, all of those trees doomed to die. There was fog through all of this area too, and I couldn't see much ahead of me.

Finally, we hit Harrisburg/Carlisle and there was light! Not too much though. But enough to help us forget the poor weather that had plagued the previous hours.

Mike introduced me to the music of The Boards of Canada. And some other stuff.

Not counting picking Mike up, the trip took 11.5 hours. On par with our record.

I don't have classes tomorrow (my lab is cancelled) and I never have classes Friday.



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