Monday, December 27, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

Strange. Utterly strange. But not in that interesting Kubric-esque way.

Napoleon Dynamite is about a high school student named, interestingly enough, Napoleon Dynamite. He lives with his 32 year old brother Kip and his butch grandmother. His brother is an internet chat room junkie who has no job and no life. His grandmother is absent most of the movie due to an injury from 4wheeling on sand dunes.

Basic premise: new kid (Mexican) Pedro moves to town. Pedro runs for class president against the most popular blonde girl in school. Also, Napoleon's uncle Rico shows up and sells random things (Tupperware, breast enhancements) and tampers with Napoleon's life. LaFawnduh, Kip's internet chatroom sweetheart, shows up too.

Movie's cool in that it covers the coming of age, asking girls out in high school thing but misses reality by a mile. Everything's just a little weird, and I couldn't really tie myself in with the main character. There was a dance scene to Jamiroquai which is pretty cool, following Pedro's presidency speech. Other than that, not really worth watching in my opinion.



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