Thursday, December 23, 2004


So when I thought I was halfway through shopping, I realized I had to buy stuff for my grandparents (both sets) and my sister's fiancee. So for right now, I have my immediate family and Krista (more or less) taken care of - thankfully we're not doing any gifts at all until 12/28.

The drive home went pretty well - I've at least driven through all 5 boroughs of NYC. Boring story about how I detoured through Brooklyn to get from Pittsburgh to Maine.

Music - Paul van Dyk featuring Hemstock & Jennings, "Nothing But You", from Reflections

Hope everyone's break is going well - Went to Yum Mee in Bath today with John and Russ from Burgess. Also went to CVS to get cards, and ... umm... that's it. I'm lazy. Sunday River yesterday - I'll link to pics when photos.zchicken is back up.



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