Saturday, December 18, 2004

4/5 done

One class left. Plus whatever the comp physics prof wants me to fix on old assignments.

15-359 (Special Topics: Probability and Computing) was an amazing course - somehow I got a 97 on the exam. The professors are awesome. If you ever have a chance to have Mor Harchol-Balter or John Lafferty take it in an instant. One of my best courses here. (And somehow I got a 97 on the exam?)

I'm working on my resume and getting stuff together for the internship hunt - I'd like to get one at Google again, but after how I almost didn't try for any other companies last year due to a "sure thing" back home, I'm going to go through without any assumptions.

I keep dreaming about California. Shar and RobOn were in a dream the other day.

Music of the moment - Pete Tong Friday Night Essential Selection.

Peace - study, pack, and clean tomorrow, exam and drive Monday (to Brooklyn?!), finish drive Tuesday. Ski Wednesday.

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