Sunday, October 09, 2011

In the west again

I may have to amend the 30 day challenge to be averaging a post a day, not actually post every day, since that's how it's been going anyway.

I'm back in California again. I took my favorite flight in the country, United P.S., in my favorite row of that plane, row 9. United P.S. is a domestic flight in an internationally equipped plane. P.S.'s business class has older style business class seats. I had some expiring upgrades, and this is the best way I knew to use them! Because the 757 has two adjacent exit rows in the business class, Row 9 has about 8 feet of legroom.

photo - PS Row 9

It also has wireless internet onboard, rare for United. I had planned to write a post onboard, but instead I took two naps and watched the inflight movie!

New York was great - I wish I'd seen more friends and family, and my liver needs a breather, but it's good to be home.

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