Thursday, October 13, 2011

Becoming more conscious on food

I am a terrible moderators. If I tell myself "I can only have a little sweets today," I end up having a croissant, a bag of peanut M&Ms, and cake with dessert. If I tell myself "I will only have a little cheese" I'll have a ton of it. I ... I don't understand moderator. I'm all or nothing. To eat properly, I can't moderate bad foods - I need to abstain.

Most of us spend some time at a not quite conscious level. It's those times where we can't articulate what we're doing, or have some kind of breakthrough when we explain the problem to a friend.

When I lost weight, I logged what I ate into a food notebook. Technically, this was to show my trainer - but effectively, writing food in my notebook kept me honest to myself. Logging what I ate created a consciousness that I lacked. I stopped writing down what I ate because my weight was low, I was exercising strenuously, regularly, and I was eating perfectly. Then I had surgery and gained some back. I'm back on a writing-down-what-I-eat-kick, and I already am finding myself not eating something because I know I will have to write it down later. I find this silly - the log isn't reality, the food and the effect on my body is the reality. However, it works, so I'll keep at it!

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