Friday, October 07, 2005

Un-targeted advertising

So to completely switch gears from targeted advertising, today's gem is un-targeted advertising.

TartanTrak front page

Anything look out of wack on that? That's right, McDonald's. TartanTrak is part of MonsterTrak, but every college I know of uses MonsterTrak as a career management utility for their students. So I imagine McDonald's would just say "Hey I want to go to all college students!" If they get anyone from Carnegie Mellon, I'd be amazed.

Or maybe it is targeted. And my career center is telling me I'm not good enough for a job in my major.

[EDIT: This is where the link goes - a general page, not tuned for college grads, that's for sure]

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Helen said...

Maybe they know about your restaurant background ... or your love of the book "Fast Food Nation"