Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Facebook and targetted advertising: old school

Facebook, for those of you who don't know, is a social network for college students. People have pretty wide ranging browsing ability at their own schools - so you can find the guy you crush on who you know 3 things about, or find out who knows that girl you like so you can know if she's nice.

I have 2 facebook accounts - one from my Pitt email address (thanks to Arabic) and one from my CMU account. Both were set as CS concentration.

On the CMU account, I see an ad for jobs at Facebook, front and center on the home page. Not where they put ads normally. On the Pitt account, I don't. Interesting...

So I change my major in my profile from CS to English on the CMU one, and the ad disappears.

So yes, folks, Facebook only wants CS majors (maybe some others) from select schools.


Liz said...

What elitist bastards. You should totally ditch Google and go work for Facebook!

Matt said...

Wait, so they're elitist bastards, but I should ignore a company who isn't and go work for elitist bastards?

(so confused!)