Friday, October 14, 2005

Car comparison

So, here's a grid of the cars I'm looking at. Requirement: standard transmission, AWD wagon.

Why is the Audi S4 do damned heavy?

(This isn't really my purchase list - I can't afford half of these new, and I'm not a big fan of Subarus, so my hope right now is a 2000-2005 used S4 wagon)

MakeModelEngineHorsepowerWeight in pounds
AudiA42.0T i42003671
AudiS44.2 v83403957
SubaruImpreza WRX2.5T flat42303252
SubaruImpreza2.5 flat41733071
SubaruOutback XT2.5T flat42503415
VolvoV502.5T i52183263
VolvoV702.5T i53003646
BMW325xi2.5 i62153737
BMW530xi3.0 i62553858


Liz said...

Are you going to be benching your car? Because if you can lift 3000lbs, an extra 900 shouldn't really make that much of a difference.

I vote you get a Beemer!

Matt said...

Naw, but car weight makes a big difference to how zippy the car is, and efficient it is.