Saturday, August 13, 2005

Things I learned

First and foremost: you reserve a room at a hotel, but you request the type of room. We reserved a room at the Grand Central Hyatt, but requested 2 double beds. we got one king. SOL says the hotel.

Saw all the typical NY things yesterday & today - saw the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller center, St. Pat's, Central Park, the Met, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty from afar, Wall Street, Ground Zero, Chinatown, etc. Led people around - I know how to navigate this city pretty well now. I still haven't mastered subways, but when they change things up all bets are off.

By the way: the idea of All you can eat sushi is amazing.


Anonymous said...

wtf? That hotel would get a piece of my mind and a foot up the ass, and I'd talk my way into their Presidential Suite -- for FREE, dammit, since they messed up my request.

Not even New York City pushes this girl around. But yeah, that's just me. On the whole I like to avoid conflict, but when I'm paying for something, they sure as hell better give it to me.

That all sounded very angry. Eh. Big cities like NYC and Berlin make me GRUFF.

Matt said...

When something is stated when you reserve a room, what right do you have to argue that point? What good does it do when all other rooms are taken?

My time in New York wasn't degraded by sleeping on a cot - but it would have been degraded by arguing with some underpaid service person with no ability to make things better.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I was grumpy, and a hypothetical hotel concierge became my target.

That said, I've seen my dad do it a couple times, with good results.

Carolyn Laroche said...

Hopefully they did not charge you for said cot!
The hotel should have waived the fee due to their error.
Being said service person, they should have apaologized, offered you something for the mistake, breakfast, free cot, shoe shine service, anything to make up for it.
B ecause if the hotel is full, there is not much they can do.

But as I learned during my disasterous trip to OH, sometimes when a hotel is full, well, they are lying.

Suffice to say, best advice to give on when dealing with hotel people. Never ell, stay polite but firm.
They are more willing to work with people who are polite, than rude and abusive.

-Says the voice of 9 years in the travel/restaurant industry.

Sounds like you had a good time brother bear.

Anonymous said...

A place on Rodi Rd (Penn Hills) has All You Can Eat Sushi. You buy a boat, then can have any additonal pieces at no extra charge.

A couple other places have weekly All You Can Eat Sushi, but those are typically on the day before the new supply comes in, so it's not terribly fresh.