Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Never date someone...

Never date someone who...
... doesn't want you to look at her before she's brushed her hair
... doesn't want you to look at her before she's put on makeup
... isn't comfortable wearing her glasses around you
... pretends that she doesn't burp
... wouldn't wear sweats around you
... wouldn't consider eating pasta and watching a DVD an excellent Friday evening sometimes
... wouldn't cry in front of you

(Feel free to suggest more)


Anonymous said...

... won't cry in front of you
... is embarrassed by your idiosyncrasies
... doesn't support your grand, if stupid, ideas


Vincent said...

... likes to make out with random dudes in front of you.

Anonymous said...

Having been one of those girls in the past to which 1, 2, 3, and 5 applied, I would like to say this.... perhaps, these are the very people you should date, because these are women who are lacking in self-esteem in a not insignificant way. And, from personal experience, the only way I shed these idiosyncracies was when I met someone who encouraged, prodded, and cajoled me to. There is no self-esteem booster like being asked on a date, dating someone, falling in love -- with these things, inhibitions fall away. And, in the transformation, may be a person worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want to go out with someone who is self-conscious from the get-go? If someone I go out with isn't comfortable with himself, how is he supposed to be comfortable around me? I, for one, don't want to be someone's sole reason for being comfortable with themselves. That's not a relationship; that's some sort of weird needy coexistence.

And god forbid I ever shed my idiosyncrasies! They're the weird quirky bits of my personality that make me unique -- without them, I'd be dead boring. If someone doesn't love you for your crazy but harmless personality traits, they're not worth staying around for.

Er, all that said, I have no idea who you are or whether you'll read this, but I just couldn't hold my tongue (quirk #437). Relationships aren't about finding someone to fix you. They're about celebrating another person and, eventually, celebrating a couple that's greater than the sum of its parts.


Carolyn Laroche said...

I have such a smart little brother :-)

...who denies their Ben &Jerry's habit
...who you're comfortable hanging out with, without even have to say a word
...who doesn't think a relationship is a partnership with given and take