Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Falls & The Drive home

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    Notes of my trip:
  • The exit for the Rainbow Bridge to Niagara Falls is not well marked from 190. But there's another bridge a little further up that works
  • Customs is easy. Going in to Canada, had to show no id. Coming out was almost as easy. Plus the guy said "Happy Birthday" to me
  • The falls look big in pictures, small in real life.
  • It takes longer than you think to drive from Niagara Falls to Maine.
  • Driver suffers burn in crash on I-495, jumps into river to put out flames (whatever happened to stop, drop, and roll? The extra hour and 15 minutes the holdup put on my trip (at least) let me take pictures like this though)
  • Leaving one place at 7:15 am and getting to the destination at 12:40 am is not fun; however, I wasn't driving all that time.
  • New York is a lot of nothing. And unfortunately you can't see Rochester, Syracuse, or Albany from I-90.


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