Friday, April 15, 2005

Raceday, 2005

So today rocked. Our men's A team posted a second best time for races since CIA re-formed in the late 90s. The 2003 team got 2:18:something. Today we got 2:20:30. Good enough for second day.

We had an issue with Firebird's bar, which comes under the "Don't expect to get something installed Truck Weekend and have it work perfectly on raceday." Our women's A will race an exhibition tomorrow with everything working perfectly.

I was pretty out of it today, went from rolls to pancakes to the alumni advisory board to sweepstakes, back home to nap for a few hours.

Tomorrow, we do it all again, for finals. I miss not having responsibility, being able to watch from the chute while other orgs roll. But it was nice to see our time go up and know we'd be out second day.

Raceday wasn't as crazy this year as it was last. 6 dqs for men's (including 3 failed brake tests, Pioneers intentionally roster DQing due to not enough buggies) and 2 failed drops for women. Sig Nu actually rolled in the chute (not all the way over, the pushbar halted rotation) and broke their pushbar. Their driver was, thankfully, alright.

Much love to Pioneers, who won't be racing tomorrow. You guys have big hearts.

Tomorrow: finals, return U-Haul, shower & change, midway (checking out booth. Today was owned by buggy), awards ceremony, and party.

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