Sunday, April 24, 2005


We're all a little atypical - we all have ticks, things we do we can't explain. Things we know are illogical, but we still do.

I, for example, never put on socks again before I wash them. Even if I've only worn the socks for 5 minutes, they get washed. Which means each week I wash something like 21 pairs of socks.

I've enabled anonymous posting on this post. Go ahead and post your idiosyncrasies.


Anonymous said...

i like sleeping with a sweatshirt.

Anonymous said...

For over a decade, I would lift my feet (or at least my toes) as the car I was in passed a telephone pole. I can trace the habit back to a crazy sci-fi story idea I had in kindergarden. I blame too much jump roping.

I had to train myself not to do it when I learned how to drive, because it would affect my acceleration.

Ditto the other comment about sweatshirts. Soooo soft & warm, it really is the perfect sleep shirt :-)

Anonymous said...

I regularly buy little gifts for people -- something that reminds me of them when I see it -- and then get too nervous to give them the present. I have dozens of things, both in my room at home and here, that are just waiting to be given to their intended recipients.