Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Western things in the Middle East

The students at CMU Qatar go to the mall and get Starbucks during lunch.
I saw a McDonald's when we left the airport, and saw another today.
I've seen a Baskin Robins, Burger King, and Subway here.
I ate Pizza Hut for lunch.
I've seen every American car manufacturer ever here.
I know that there's also a Chili's, Dairy Queen, and an Applebees here.

Best sight today: traditionally dressed Qatari man, talking on the cell phone, driving a Suburban.

Best food eaten today: traditional hummus. Wow. Amazing. I could live on that.

Tomorrow we go to the Souks. I hope we go back to the gold Souk, today was just window shopping.


Anonymous said...

You ate stuffed crust pizza hut pizza. In Doha, Qatar.



Matt said...

I didn't say I wanted to... I've always found it weird we'd be eating pizza for our first meal there.