Thursday, March 17, 2005

If you're going to talk the talk

I bragged about being immune to jet lag, just because 3 hours has never phased me. Let me tell you, 8 hours sucks. It took me 3 days to recover from coming back.

Monday, I accepted IBM Extreme Blue. Raleigh, NC for the summer. Riggs has already made me promise to go visit him at his camp.

Push practice started this week, and so from 11:15-1:45 Sunday-Thursday nights I will be out, helping out and pushing. This is why I have almost no courses this semester. This is game time, under a month til raceday.

Travelling abroad was fun, but the school spoiled me into believing international travel is cheap and easy (since they handled everything). Being handled through customs is amazing. Reality will set in the first time I pay for my own tickets, the first time I'm in a customs line where the people don't speak English as a first language.But I welcome it. A wider world-view is never a bad thing.




Anonymous said...

What the hell, airport handlers? I have been to a lot of airports, and I have never once experienced that.

Hmph. Lucky. Or something. I have managed my way through customs in 5 languages, though some with more gesturing than others and only twice ([irish] english and german) on my own.

Wait until you go to Australia or something someday, that'll be a bear to get over. 8 hours sucks, but that's how it is from LA to any major city in Western Europe. Thailand was a 14/10 hour difference (depending on how you look at it) from LA, and I was there for a little over a week. I'm good at jet lag, and that took me a while.


Vince Padua said...

Matt: caught your blog when pubsub matched on extreme blue. Looks like we'll be working in the same office over the summer. I accepted a position with EB in Raleigh -- I'll be playing the role of MBA. Look forward to meeting you.