Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tugging at heart strings

I am super excited to go to Qatar next week. However, IBM is setting a response deadline on my Extreme Blue offer for March 14. That's the monday after I get back from break.

I have an offer with Google for support style stuff, similar to last summer but on Enterprise instead of in PSO. I am trying for a software engineering position. I'm interviewing tomorrow. However, if I don't get that, I can't interview next week at all with Google. Apparently there are a bunch of groups interested in talking to me, but timewise I cannot swing it.

Cynde (G intern coordinator) said that being at Google this summer would give me a much better chance for a full time job.

I guess I'll be sitting on the plane on the way back next weekend figuring out what I'm doing this summer.


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Anonymous said...

Don't worry.

Also, since you're making a sacrifice to take this trip to Qatar, don't ruin the experience by thinking about interviews and the summer while you're there. Just enjoy.