Friday, November 17, 2006

Opt out of receiving credit card offers

I hate receiving credit card offers. I don't need to receive them, I've got 1.5 credit cards, I don't need more cards. And if I want one, it won't be because I get an offer in the mail, it'll be because I researched it.

You can opt out of credit card offers - Opt out prescreen works with the credit bureaus so you can stop getting them.

Also, if you get credit card offers, don't forget to shred them so no one searches your trash and gets a card in your name!

(FYI: the site is FTC endorsed)


Anonymous said...

It is a bit shady they require a social security number for the opt out. Why do more and more sites need a SSN entered?

Matt said...

They work with the credit bureaus, so that's really the only way to uniquely identify you. The FTC endorses this site, so I think you'll be fine.

Any site that deals with your money taxwise needs your SSN, really. This is the only site I've seen that needs it other than my bank, 401k, and stock management - all of which have tax implications.

Anonymous said...

Weird, firefox can't verify the SSL cert...

CreditSavvy said...

I agree that credit cards offers by e-mail are annoying. Which is more they are not always trustworthy.
What about SSN, this is quite logical.