Saturday, May 06, 2006

A new Orkut feature

Orkut just added a new 'feature', the ability to see who has viewed your profile recently.

This is both good and bad:
The good: you can see how many random people you'll never meet browse your profile and know way too much about you.
The bad: you can't browse random profiles of people you're interested in or just met without them knowing you're interested them.

Of the past 5 people to browse my profile on Orkut, I know 1 person. Therefore, I removed everything on my Orkut profile. It's just plain odd. My Facebook profile is also sanitized - for a similar reason. I just want people to know me through me, not think they know me because they've read my profile.

Thank you, social network creators, for enabling some level of privacy - to allow me to use the social network to look up phone numbers while on the go, but allowing me to not be stalked by people who aren't in my network.

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