Thursday, January 05, 2006

I got lost and ended up in California

Through a thoroughly boring but only minorly noteworthy sequence of events, I am now living on the West Coast. I am in temporary housing until February first, where I hope to have a 'hella' sweet pad.

I graduated, although I'm not sure the school acknowledges it yet - they haven't yet reimbursed me for the spring! I've never met someone who likes their schools enrollment/payment people. If you like yours, please let me know. Carnegie Mellon's HUB suffers from having no competitors.

As a side note, my classmates need to stop getting engaged. Harriet, Trey, and Greg: I'm looking at you. (I really mean: congratulations all! I just feel old now.)

California has a great beverage supplier: Beverages & More, purveyors of great Belgian and American brews. They have almost every beer I'd want to buy. Plus, they carry the official glass ware for custom brews - some men get fine wine glasses, but my beer glass collection will be awesome. Once I have money.

Which brings me to the most fun thing about relocation: I'm shipping my car out to California. The A4 is still in the works, but not for about 6-12 months.

Alright, keep sending me your comments, and I'll keep making fun of your grammar and punctuation. I mean, answer them.

1 comment:

Carolyn Laroche said...

It's sad to see your car gone.
:-( it's like you're actually never coming back.