Thursday, September 08, 2005

The next thing I hope to see from iTunes...

The next thing I want to see from iTunes is the ability for easy synchronization between two computers under one account through direct connection (LAN, whatever, Apple doesn't have to give bandwidth).

I, right now, use ourTunes to download one library from one computer to another - but it's not easy to grab just the new or updated files, and it doesn't update meta-data (play count, etc). Another friend uses CVS for this task - same issues, and a little heavyweight for what I want to do.

Just downloading files also won't update the playlists and the podcasts on another computer. So right now - the work flow just is awkward - this really is an important feature Apple should get to. I really enjoy iTunes, but having two computers that should have the exact same files and playlists (but don't) is very annoying.

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Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding ... childish? overly optimistic?, you should tell them about your idea (unfortunately the page has become a bit more impersonal since I last used it).

I continue to pretend that Apple added the Party Shuffle feature solely because I asked for it.