Saturday, June 11, 2005

UNC Bar Crawl

Highlights of the night:

32 ounce black & tan at He's Not Here (In other news, I'm becoming a black and tan fan)
"Hey, you guys should be dancing!" from a couple cute UNC girls, to Will and me, at a place called Players

Downsides: we only hit 2 places

Next time we'll have a better plan. But that was a good night.


Martin Davidsson said...

You're fast. Didn't think you guys would be done on Franklin St. quite yet but is Thursday I suppose. Nice to meet you too. It's looking likely I'll be out for tomorrow's party. Thanks for the invite.

Vincent said...

I can't belive you guys went to Players.

A couple of cute UNC girls at Players, come'on, who are you kidding.

It's all skanks and ho's., that's why we go.