Sunday, October 10, 2004

Creeped out

Blog 1
Blog 2

So I wanted to see why had such a high page rank all of the sudden. Turns out 2 blogs (those above) linked to it with me wearing the propellor hat that I got as a noogler. I took them down. Because, well, I put those pictures up for friends and family and there has to be a reason why no one else has a picture of that online

Plus, I shouldn't be the fifth link for Noogler on Google.




Dennis said...


how did they find your link about the Noogler hat?


Matt said...

The gallery had it listed as Noogler. (So I'm guessing somehow the root gallery was indexed and they fished through a few pages of search results for "noogler" to get it)

Very creepy... I found another blog that linked to it.