Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Intro to Anthro: likely drop. I really have to admit the professor makes so much difference in classes. The professor in this just seems to be too academic.

OS: Likely hard and ballbuster. Want to make it through. Can do on sheer perseverence.

Special Topics Prob & Computing: now 12 units, for more fun! I cringe when I hear them describe it as the "honors" alternative

Computational Discrete Math: Anything called "251 on steroids" also scares me. Though Klaus rocks.

Computational Physics: could be very cool. Heard it's hard from past people, don't believe them yet.

Stars, Galaxies, & The Universe: Anything with Peterson is cool. Who else has a picture of himself on a bike at the south pole on his website? Plus we can check out telescopes for personal use.



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