Sunday, August 01, 2004

Weekend in Tahoe

Summary of weekend:

Friday: Matt, Justin and I drove up to Auburn to spend the night at the local KOA. We get lost on Highway 49 and end up in Cool, CA.

We eventually get to the KOA and pitch tent. Justin, however, was supposed to bring a sleeping bag for me. He forgot. I was very very cold.

Rafting was awesome! The rafting out here is different from Maine - the river was narrower and lower water release, but longer with more rapids. We saw a bunch of equipment from what used to be gold mining setups, we saw 2 bridge abutments that were missing their bridge (it was wiped out in 1964); we all jumped off a cliff 25 feet up into the river too. I got knocked out of the boat 3 times though. Still, a lot of fun.

My uncle picked me up and drove me up to Truckee on beautiful Lake Tahoe. We kayaked from the Lake Tahoe - Nevada State Park for a couple of hours. My uncle and I went to Donner Lake and rented Sea-Doos. They have a really cool statue that was as tall as the snow was the year that the Donner Party decided to gnaw on each other. Unfortunately I lack a link for the picture.

We ate dinner tonight at Lanza's. My cousin, Mike Laroche was here with a bunch of friends when we got back.



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