Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Things I'm thankful for in 2009

  • My wife: I live a much richer life because of Helen. She's patient with me and cares about me.
  • My family: always fun, but more importantly always loving and supportive. I always know I'm not alone.
  • Modern medicine: my grandfather got a 12 months to live prognosis 24 months ago. I'm going to visit him this weekend.
  • Airline prices and being financially stable: I will make 6 trips to New England in 2009 to visit my family and grandfather.
  • My trainer, Nick: I lost over 100 pounds this year, and owe a lot of that to Nick's interest and skills.
  • My friends: they've always been there for me, listening and helping. No questions asked, they help. They make my life richer and I enjoy their successes.
  • The ability to go to the Inauguration of Barack Obama: an incredible experience, made possible through frequent flyer miles and Helen's aunt and uncle.
  • My employer: they are flexible and treat employees with respect and appreciation.

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Dennis said...

great list!