Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Helen wants a dog

Helen wants a dog. She wants a dog very badly. She's desperate enough that she's even suggested a puggle.

We're in an apartment with a great price, great character, and great location. However, it's in our lease that we can't have a pet. Even if we were in a better place, we both travel a lot and work long hours. It wouldn't be fair to a dog. A smaller, lower maintenance pet might be ok in the right apartment, and so I broached the issue with Helen.

Me: what about a bunny?
Me: as a pet?
Me: when we want to go skiing, we can make stew
Me: and start over with a cuter one
Helen: I was almost considering it ... then you said stew


Carolyn said...



And not a lab!

For shame!

Ask Dad about his bunny rabbit stew as a kid....

Lizzy said...

You should ask your landlord anyways

if he thinks your responsible, you might be able to...

Matt said...

Lizzy: Doesn't change the fact that we both work too much and travel too much to have a dog.

Lizzy said...

but, but, but, I wanna dog too (and I'm definitely at my apt less than you guys)