Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jesus never taught us to hate, right?

Every few years, the Maine legislature passes a gay rights bill, and soon after, the religious right come in and organize a referendum to override the bill.

Well, this year is more of the same. The people behind overturning it, largely Maine's Coalition for Marriage, has been very fun in their hate of the passage.

Let's see how they tell you why you should vote against gay rights if you're a man

Why Men should Vote YES

Men should vote YES in order to take a stand for their families. Ware you willing to sit by while our Legislature and ultra-liberal Governor say that all forms of sexual deviance are welcome in Maine no matter how bizarre?

Right, because everyone who is gay is a sexual deviant - 100% of men and women who are gay own whips and sheep.

The law says only that gay people can have equal rights - I don't think they're suddenly giving the green light to necrophilia.

Are you willing to sit by, while the Boy Scouts are labeled as haters, and cross-dressers, nudists, and pedophiles are praised as heroes?

From the news stories, I'm pretty sure that the ousted priests aren't heroes. Plus, nudism has nothing to do with being gay. And that guy who dressed as a girl at the halloween party really screwed up my ideas of right and wrong.

Are you willing to see the words FATHER and HUSBAND written out of the law as hateful and bigoted, as already happened in Canada?

I'm pretty sure lots of guys are still proud of being fathers in Canada, it's never been a swear word. Lots of gay men are proud fathers and husbands.
If not, protect the ones you love by voting YES to repeal this very bad law

Very bad law! Strong language!

Ok, now on to why I should vote against it if I care about children.

Why a YES vote is good for children.

Children need a YES vote to protect them from the hidden agenda at school.

I never heard about being gay at school til I had other kids from yelling "FAG!" at me. Strange. They could have used a book about why being gay was alright so they don't punch their TV when "Queer Eye" comes on.

The hidden agenda is the normalization of homosexuality in the public schools through books as "Heather has Two Mommies" and "Daddy Has a Roommate"

Maybe Daddy's in college?

Every child deserves a healthy and safe environment at school. Sexual deviance has no place in a school system that is already falling way behind in the teaching of basic subjects. The classroom is not a place to experiment with a redefinition of marriage and the family.

So, gay implies all sexual deviance now. Interesting.

Under the current law, a pedophile cannot be barred from a job as a public school teacher on the basis of his sexual orientation.

Under the current law, a terrorist cannot be barred from a job as a public school teacher on the basis of his sexual orientation. But he probably can be barred from a job as a teacher based on BEING A PEDOPHILE. Gay does not imply pedophilel.

In short, a YES vote will help protect your little ones at school.

I'm pretty sure most school kids get emotionally injured more from people calling them gay and them feeling shamefully about it than having gay teachers or having a little tolerance taught, but you never know.

And now, why our ladies should vote yes

Why women should vote yes

Women should vote YES in order to take a stand for the family. Women have the common sense to know that every child needs to know that boys are boys and girls are girls. Impressionabble young children need to be shielded from a dangerous hidden agenda which deliberately tries to blur the lines between the sexes, against the wishes of the parents.

This has a lot of fun places to start, but I'll start from the beginning.
Gay men are still men
Lesbians are still women
By this argument, of "men are men and women are women" my mom needs to get the hell back in the kitchen. What ever happened to equality of the sexes? This is insanely reinforcing gender roles.

Textbooks such as "Heather Has Two Mommies" and "Daddy Has a Roommate" promote a hidden agenda to redefine the family. Parents have no say in this dangerous experiment. Is the homosexual rights movement so powerful that it can teach students what they should believe against the wishes of their parents?

If they succeed today in repealing this law, I don't think those books will stop being taught. They're two separate issues.

Women should vote yes to protect their little ones from the hidden agenda.

The hidden agenda of tolerance, equality, and equal rights.

From their FAQ
Is there discrimination in Maine?

Against Christians who dare to publicly defend the gospel, yes. Against "gays" . . . no way. Maine citizens who are appropriate (private) about their sexuality have always been respected in Maine.
(cut for brevity)

I was discriminated against in high school for not being religious, by my peers. I've never seen someone discriminated against ffor being Christian in America.

Of course, being out is being inappropriate. And being appropriate means lying about who you really are.

I really have work to do, but I hope Mainers finally allow a law giving equal footing to the gay community to stand today.

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Mark _ Portland, Maine _ said...

Thanks for answering Maine's "Grass Roots" "Coalition for Marriage" propaganda. I've been avoiding reading the spew of Sandy Williams, the Maine Christian Civic League, Michael Heath, Paul Madore, et al., because it's so horrible. After this vote though I've been looking at it, this stuff specifically. Heath says this is the overturning of the history of civilization of Maine. And what a civilized history that has been! One example: In the 1920s and 1930s, Maine's KKK membership was the largest of any state outside the south. The group's focus in Maine was not just on blacks but also on French Catholics and Jews.