Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oddities in Education

If I drop no courses this semester, I will need
4 cs courses
1 physics course
1 humanities course
to graduate. Basically a little more than 1 more semester.

Get a random minor (psych: 7 courses. Business: 5)
Do research this spring and hope to get into the fifth year master's program
Have an amazingly easy senior year.

Scary. If I pushed extra hard, I could graduate this spring. I'm not ready to be a college grad!


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Peter Stinson said...

Matt, just don't f-up... my senior year I tried to take it easy... and screwed the pooch. I ended up 2 credits shy for graduation... pissed a double major down the toilet.... had to take a course over the summer, and since my college only conferred degrees once a year, well, you get the picture... My unsolicited counsel: don't play it to the bone.

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Best of luck.