Sunday, May 09, 2004

I made it home yesterday in one piece. The drive was good - it didn't feel long but it was about twelve and a half hours all told. My dad drove for most of it - I drove Carlisle (PA) to Hazleton (PA) and Sturbridge (MA) to Portland (ME).

Interesting things:
I'm working on finding a sponsor professor/advisor for my fifth year master's. It's a possibility for me to do one S06 and F06. Maybe S07 too.

I started learning about ORDBMS (object relational databases). I'm kind of disappointed that it wasn't covered in DB, but the book for the class is good.

My high school alumni relations person is thinking about doing a feature on me in the alumni news publication... I don't think they can take too much credit for anything. But hey - could be a good excuse to go to Portland.

I signed my paperwork for Google yesterday. I know where I'm living too! This is all going excellently.